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June 2020 Newsletter

**BEEFMASTER U--June 26 & 27
     ENTRY DEADLINE JUNE 15 (postmarked)
     Entry forms are on:

We need sponsors if anyone would like to sponsor any class or award or buckle, or ANYTHING!!

     Show Sunday, September 13--after Longhorns that begin at 9:00 am

     Arrive Wednesday, Oct 7 from 2-7 or Thursday, Oct 8 from 7-12 am
     Show Friday, October 9

     Arrive Thursday, October 15
     Show Friday, October 16

See ya June 26 in Bryan!!!

March 2020 Newsletter
Dear BPG Members,

Wow!  What an eventful turn of events.  It has all certainly blown me away!  Hope each of you are doing well.

Thanks to LYSSY BEEFMASTERS for donating the beautiful buckles at the San Antonio Livestock Show.

Our group was blessed to have been able to get the Open Beefmaster Show done at the Houston Livestock Show, before Houston shut down.  Thanks so much to the committee that put our Aisle Party together--Kalli Ellis, Sherri Ellis, Carissa Karisch, Nancy Gilmore, Lindsey Hendricks.  It was amazing!!  Loved our new banner!!  I guess I'd better thank Laddie too--he built the frame to hold up the new banner!  

We had a great crowd show up for the party.  Thanks to the BBU staff for coming, even though the South Texas Sale ran very late, they still managed to get there.  Thanks to Elgin Breeding Service for the donation of food for the party.  If anyone has any suggestions or comments for next year, please let us hear from you.  We are always striving to improve and make BPG the best for all involved.

Also, thanks to Mike Rodriguez for manning the International Booth for us during the show.

This was the first year to recognize all of our Year End Winners at the Houston Livestock Show.  Be sure and let your officers and directors know your thoughts on this.  Also, let us hear your comments on having our General Membership meeting in Fort Worth.  We are just striving to always make things better.

At the writing of this letter, Beefmaster U is still a go, June 26-27.  Emily Knoll is working hard on our annual Fund Raising event.  And by the way--CONGRATULATIONS EMILY AND ALEX--a new little BPG member is on the way!!  Also, congrats to Grandma and Grandpa on the new addition!  Emily will welcome any more hands to help put on this great event.  Be sure and give her a hollar and offer your help.  It is costing a lot of money for BPG to operate and continue to give the amazing awards and premium money we have been giving out.  This show helps make this all possible.

That's all for now.  See ya on the end of a lead rope!

February 2020 Aisle Party!

January 2020 Reminder

January 2020 Newsletter
My how 2019 has flown by.  It seems as though it just began.  Hope each of you had a very BLESSED Christmas and wishing you the best for 2020.  

REMINDER:  Our General Membership meeting has been moved to Fort Worth this year.  It will be held on Saturday, January 18 at 3:00 pm in the Brown Lupton North--Meeting Room E.  This is in the building where John Justin Arena is located.  Please try and attend.  We have several items of business.

Monday, January 20 we will have a PARTY!!!  The show will be over, we can't go home until Tuesday, so it's time to PARTY!!
LOS VAQUEROS, 2629 N Main Street in the Stockyards is the place.  7:00 pm is the time.  The Mule Barn is supplying some door prizes (woohoo) cause we all know how AWESOME Mrs. Nancy's store stuff is!!  No Business--Just fun! Come and enjoy your group and let your hair down!!

Houston entries are due Jan 5.  Don't be late!!
This year we are giving out all of our 2019 Year End Awards during the Houston Livestock Show, between the Female and the Bull Show.  This will put our group out in front of a lot of people!

BPG is also hosting an "AISLE PARTY" in Houston.  It will be on Friday evening, March 6.  We are inviting International guests to this event.  Food and drink will be served.  Advertising will be shown on our TV.  If you are interested in advertising your ranch, contact Kalli Ellis.  She is putting the ads together for this.  We are hoping for a good turnout from the International guests in Houston.

It's time to pay your 2020 BPG Dues.  Go to the website and print off the form and mail to Linda Hicks.

Also, it's time to nominate your sires and dams.  If you have a cow or a bull that is producing winning show cattle, get her/his name out there for all to see.  Nominate them for year end awards.  It's $100 to nominate.  The top 5 dams and top 5 Sires will be honored at the end of the year.  

Can't wait to see you all at Fort Worth!


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