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October 2020 Reminder: BPG Cowtown Showdown
Hi Everyone!

I know you are as excited as I am about the upcoming BPG Cowtown Showdown!  Just wanted to reiterate a couple of important things.

          So highlight that date on your calendar and make sure your entries are postmarked by midnight, November 1.

          In other words, don't bring any shavings or pellets in with you.  There is a reason for this,
          if any outside bedding is brought in, then WE (BPG) have to pay a large cleanup fee.  If you are caught with outside bedding,  you will be charged a large fine and nobody wants this.
          PLEASE just follow the rules and let's all have a great show!

A lot of work and effort is going into this great event and we can't wait to see everyone in COWTOWN!  Start getting those entries filled out and let's have a HUGE, MEMORABLE weekend in FORT WORTH!!!  All info is on our website and on the BBU website under the Juniors tab.

See ya soon!
October 2020 The BPG Cowtown Showdown
Hi Folks,

Here is the info you have been waiting for.  Get those entries sent in to Kalli.  It is going to be an AMAZING weekend.

THANKS SO MUCH to all of our great SPONSORS for this event. You will want to be a part of this!

Tell all of your friends to get entered up!!

See ya there!
September 2020 Newsletter
                     EXCITING NEWS!! 
                    ANNOUNCING A

             "COWTOWN SHOWDOWN"
                           View Flyer
BPG will be hosting the "COWTOWN SHOWDOWN" in Fort Worth, TX on November 13-14-15.  Events will include a JBBA HEIFER SHOW, BRED & OWNED SHOW, SHOWMANSHIP, ADVANCER SHOW, OPEN FEMALE SHOW AND BULL SHOW.  If you've got a Beefmaster, we've got a show for you!!!

We have invited the Brangus to go in together with us to help pay building rent.  They will be hosting their National Show of Merit.  

Since so many of our shows have been cancelled, BPG decided to step up to the plate and provide a great and exciting new event.  The event will take place at Will Rogers Memorial Center.  We will be showing in Watt Arena, so Juniors just think what this means for ya'll--get those new, young heifers out and show them in the same arena they will be showing in for the FTW Livestock Show.  This is an amazing opportunity!

A flyer and more info will follow shortly but I wanted to get the word out so you can be sure and save the date.  Move in will be Nov 13 and show dates will be Saturday and Sunday.

We do need more SPONSORS!!  To make this show the best of the best, that takes money!  So please volunteer with donations.   We have 4 levels of sponsorship, 

     GOLD--$500 OR $450
     SILVER--$250 (Logo on T shirt or Neck gator)

Lone Star BBA has already jumped in with a $1000 Diamond Sponsorship.  This group is really pushing forward and working on making the best breed even better!  They already sponsor a JBBA Show and give out scholarships to deserving Seniors.  Be sure and check this group out!  Lone Star has also coordinated with Emmons Ranch to host a Scan Day on October 24 here at Emmons Ranch.  If you have an animal that you need scanned, call Debbie Cheatham, 972-979-8556, and schedule an appointment to get your animals scanned on Oct. 24.

BPG had our Fall meeting in Abilene, which by the way, the West Texas Fair hosted an amazing show in their new facilities.  We had 175 Open Beefmaster entries which was the largest open show on record at the West Texas Fair.   Congratulations to Abilene for conducting your fair as "business as usual".  You hosted a wonderful event!  Back to our meeting, if you have an animal that has a chance to make our Hall of Fame, please get me the name of the animal because the points will be adjusted since 3 of our shows have been cancelled.  We are making up for one of the shows by hosting our Cowtown Showdown.  The new points will affect all the way back to 2018 and will continue through to 2022.

On another note, I'm sure ya'll have read that the BBU convention has been cancelled for this year.  However, they must still have the General Membership Meeting.  It will be held via Zoom on October 29 at 2:00.  Proxies will be mailed out to all BBU members.  It is imperative that you vote your proxy and mail it in.  An addressed envelope should come with your proxy to mail it back in with.  We must stay active and keep our voices heard in these elections.

See ya on the end of a lead rope,
August 2020 Newsletter
Dear BPG Members,

Hope each of you are doing well and getting through this summer heat. Praying for each of you that went through the storm.  If you need any help, please reach out to your fellow BPG members for assistance.

I'm sure most of you have heard, the State Fair of Louisiana in Shreveport, has been cancelled as for as the Open Beefmaster show goes.  The only show we have scheduled for 2020 at this moment is the West Texas Fair in Abilene.

We will be having a BPG meeting in Abilene on Saturday, September 12 at 2:30.  It will be in the same room we used last year.  Go to the Livestock office and the room is on the far side of that office.  Please try and come if possible.

Hope to see you in Abilene.

August 2020 Newsletter
Hi BPG Members,

Hope everyone is doing well in the summer heat and hopefully gotten some rain.  

Beefmaster U was a huge success!  Thanks to EVERYONE that helped with this great event.  We had the largest number of entries to date and it was exciting to get back on the road for a weekend!!  A special thank you to Emily and Alex for heading up this great event.

JBBA Nationals came to an end on July 24 and it was an exciting week.  BPG was able to make an impact in their show by making a donation and by also giving awards in the Showmanship event.  Linda Hicks, in memory of Pevine Hicks, gave the champion exhibitor in each Showmanship division $100.  The winners were:
       Junior Champion--Mackenzie Low
       Intermediate Champion--Kayl Tassin
       Senior Champion--Braylee Mackie
The overall winner that received the traveling trophy and Belt Buckle, donated by BPG, was Braylee Mackie.  All 3 of these showman did an outstanding job!

The West Texas Fair is still scheduled as normal.  Be sure and submit your entries by August 15.  Our show is supposed to start earlier this year so that will certainly be helpful to those needing to get back home Sunday evening.  BPG is sponsoring the Belt Buckles and giving premium money to the show, as well as Division Awards.  Let's make this a large show since it will be a bit before we get to go again!!

As most of you know, the Heart O'Texas Open Beefmaster show has been cancelled, as well as the State Fair of Texas Open Beefmaster Show.  At the writing of this letter, I still don't know any details about the State Fair of Louisiana so will let you know as soon as I know something.

Dropping two shows definitely affects our Hall of Fame winners.  Have been studying this for quite a while on how to handle it.  The maximum points available for a show is 60 points, therefore losing 2 shows will equal a possibility of losing 120 points.  After visiting with Mona, the easiest way for her to track this is, if you think you have a female or bull that might possibly make the Hall of Fame, send me their names.  The females' DOB needs to be from January 1, 2018 through Shreveport 2020. (if we have Shreveport)  The bulls' DOB needs to be from September 1, 2017 through Shreveport 2020.  Losing these shows will affect the Hall of Fame through 2022.  I know this is kind of confusing, so if you have any questions, just let me know.  Maybe I can talk about it better than I can explain it on paper!!

We will be having a BPG meeting in Abilene on Saturday afternoon, September 12.  As soon as I get a definite time from Abilene, I will send out an email.

See ya on the end of a lead rope!
June 2020 Newsletter

**BEEFMASTER U--June 26 & 27
     ENTRY DEADLINE JUNE 15 (postmarked)
     Entry forms are on:

We need sponsors if anyone would like to sponsor any class or award or buckle, or ANYTHING!!

     Show Sunday, September 13--after Longhorns that begin at 9:00 am

     Arrive Wednesday, Oct 7 from 2-7 or Thursday, Oct 8 from 7-12 am
     Show Friday, October 9

     Arrive Thursday, October 15
     Show Friday, October 16

See ya June 26 in Bryan!!!

March 2020 Newsletter
Dear BPG Members,

Wow!  What an eventful turn of events.  It has all certainly blown me away!  Hope each of you are doing well.

Thanks to LYSSY BEEFMASTERS for donating the beautiful buckles at the San Antonio Livestock Show.

Our group was blessed to have been able to get the Open Beefmaster Show done at the Houston Livestock Show, before Houston shut down.  Thanks so much to the committee that put our Aisle Party together--Kalli Ellis, Sherri Ellis, Carissa Karisch, Nancy Gilmore, Lindsey Hendricks.  It was amazing!!  Loved our new banner!!  I guess I'd better thank Laddie too--he built the frame to hold up the new banner!  

We had a great crowd show up for the party.  Thanks to the BBU staff for coming, even though the South Texas Sale ran very late, they still managed to get there.  Thanks to Elgin Breeding Service for the donation of food for the party.  If anyone has any suggestions or comments for next year, please let us hear from you.  We are always striving to improve and make BPG the best for all involved.

Also, thanks to Mike Rodriguez for manning the International Booth for us during the show.

This was the first year to recognize all of our Year End Winners at the Houston Livestock Show.  Be sure and let your officers and directors know your thoughts on this.  Also, let us hear your comments on having our General Membership meeting in Fort Worth.  We are just striving to always make things better.

At the writing of this letter, Beefmaster U is still a go, June 26-27.  Emily Knoll is working hard on our annual Fund Raising event.  And by the way--CONGRATULATIONS EMILY AND ALEX--a new little BPG member is on the way!!  Also, congrats to Grandma and Grandpa on the new addition!  Emily will welcome any more hands to help put on this great event.  Be sure and give her a hollar and offer your help.  It is costing a lot of money for BPG to operate and continue to give the amazing awards and premium money we have been giving out.  This show helps make this all possible.

That's all for now.  See ya on the end of a lead rope!

February 2020 Aisle Party!

January 2020 Reminder

January 2020 Newsletter
My how 2019 has flown by.  It seems as though it just began.  Hope each of you had a very BLESSED Christmas and wishing you the best for 2020.  

REMINDER:  Our General Membership meeting has been moved to Fort Worth this year.  It will be held on Saturday, January 18 at 3:00 pm in the Brown Lupton North--Meeting Room E.  This is in the building where John Justin Arena is located.  Please try and attend.  We have several items of business.

Monday, January 20 we will have a PARTY!!!  The show will be over, we can't go home until Tuesday, so it's time to PARTY!!
LOS VAQUEROS, 2629 N Main Street in the Stockyards is the place.  7:00 pm is the time.  The Mule Barn is supplying some door prizes (woohoo) cause we all know how AWESOME Mrs. Nancy's store stuff is!!  No Business--Just fun! Come and enjoy your group and let your hair down!!

Houston entries are due Jan 5.  Don't be late!!
This year we are giving out all of our 2019 Year End Awards during the Houston Livestock Show, between the Female and the Bull Show.  This will put our group out in front of a lot of people!

BPG is also hosting an "AISLE PARTY" in Houston.  It will be on Friday evening, March 6.  We are inviting International guests to this event.  Food and drink will be served.  Advertising will be shown on our TV.  If you are interested in advertising your ranch, contact Kalli Ellis.  She is putting the ads together for this.  We are hoping for a good turnout from the International guests in Houston.

It's time to pay your 2020 BPG Dues.  Go to the website and print off the form and mail to Linda Hicks.

Also, it's time to nominate your sires and dams.  If you have a cow or a bull that is producing winning show cattle, get her/his name out there for all to see.  Nominate them for year end awards.  It's $100 to nominate.  The top 5 dams and top 5 Sires will be honored at the end of the year.  

Can't wait to see you all at Fort Worth!


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