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November 2010 BPG Haltered Sale
  Dear BPG Members,
This email is in regard to the Haltered Sale in Houston.  Houston has changed the format for when we can bring cattle in.  In the beginning, we were told NO cattle could come in before Thursday, March 3, which is the day of the sale and the day the show cattle are to come in.  We did not feel like that would give enough time for people to view the cattle and for the Sale Consultant to promote the cattle.  Through the efforts of Dr. Perkins, Houston finally agreed to let the sale cattle ONLY, come in on Wednesday, March 2.  They will be stalled in a separate area from the show cattle, which will help showcase the sale cattle.  The International guests will be directed to this area.  Dr. Perkins and Justin Rhodes will be working the BBU booth, which will be right beside the sale cattle.
We realize this is a large inconvenience for those members who are both selling and showing cattle.  This is the best option we could get for this year.  Houston tells us that if we work with them this year, things will be better next year.  By working together, we should be able to make this work.  We feel it is the best interest for the sale cattle to come in to Houston on Wednesday where more buyers (International) can view our offering. 
Please let us know your thoughts.  Reconfirm the number of sale lots that you will have.  Advertising deadlines are fast approaching.  We must know your plans.  We are trying to be upfront with everyone so you know all that is going on, no hidden surprises.
Time is of the essence--please let us know.
October 2010 Beefmaster Promotion Group Show Point System
  The Beefmaster Promotion Group Honor Roll
        This program gives attention to the individual show-winning
animals themselves (rather than entirely to their sires and dams) with
continued recognition to the sires of major award winners. The system
also places attention to the winners and sires and dams of winners on an
annual, current year basis, rather than on accumulation of points over
many years.
        The distinction given to the higher placing show animals and
winners of the greatest number of points include:
1.        Show bull of the year
2.        Show heifer of the year
3.        Show sire of the year
4.        Show dam of the year       
5.        Show breeder of the year,  The breeder of the year will be
selected from the same point schedule, excluding the get-of-sire
classes. "The breeder of a calf is the owner of record of its dam on the
date of service
6.        Get-of-sire of the year
7.        Produce of dam of the year

March 2010 2010 Beefmaster Promotion Group Sale Results

The first ever Beefmaster Haltered Sale sponsored by the Beefmaster Promotional Group was held Thursday, March 4, 2010 in Houston, Texas at the Houston Livestock Show and

Rodeo.  Results are as follows:


#LOTS            CATEGORY              GROSS                       AVERAGE

11                    Open Heifer                 $ 30,900.00                 $  2,809.00

8                      Bulls                             $ 23,800.00                 $  2,975.00

1                      Pick of Flush                $   4,700.00                 $  4,700.00


20                    TOTAL LOTS            $59,400.00                  $  2,970.00



High Selling Lots:

Lot 11 Bull: Consigned by Lindsey Gilmore Hendricks of Madisonville, TX, sired by Black Jack, dam Clara's Hope 1114/3, purchased by Taylor and Mabree Haliburton, Waco, TX. $5,000.00


Lot 10 Pick of Flush: Consigned by Bar G Ranch of Rogers, TX, sired by Black Bayou, dam Showgirl, purchased by Joe Forshage, Weslaco, TX.  $4,700.00


Lot 12 Bull: Consigned by Lindsey Gilmore Hendricks of Madisonville, TX, sired by Ace in the Hole, dam Clara, purchased by Ellis Farm and Ranch, LaWard, TX.  $4,000.00


Lot 7 Open Heifer: Consigned by Donald Cain's Beefmasters of Iola, TX, sired by Black Bayou, dam Fiddler's 021/1B, purchased by Davin Vaughn, Mt Vernon, MO.   $4,000.00










Lot 2 Open Heifer: Consigned by Gator Farms of Bossier City, LA, sired by Black Bayou, dam Channarock 1151/4,  purchased by Bull Creek Beefmasters, El Paso, AR.   $3,900.00.


Volume Buyer:

Lucino Martinez, El Cerrito Beefmasters of Progresso Lake, TX .



Sale Managers:

Three G Sales and Service, Mike Green, Franklin, GA

Interstate Cattle Services, Inc., Dan Waddoups, Russellville, AR



Anthony Mihalski, San Antonio, TX


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