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November 2014 Newsletter
  Dear BPG,

A big THANK YOU goes out to our buckle sponsors at the West Texas Fair in Abilene:
       Gilmore Ranch--Loren and Nancy Gilmore
       Diamond RB Cattle Co--Ricky and Brandi Davis

BPG had to pick up the tab for the other 2 buckles.

HOT Fair will be this week.  Make sure you are a current member to show.  You can pay Leonard Graham at the show if you have not paid your dues.

We will have a meeting at the State Fair of Texas in Dallas, on Wednesday, October 15 at 4:00 pm.  It will be held in the Livestock Office.  That is the barn where the police horses are stalled.  Hopefully, we will have a large crowd at the meeting.  If you have any fund raising ideas, we need them.  We have had some extra expenses this year so we will need some great ideas!!

Don't forget about your consignments for the BPG International Beefmaster Gala Sale in Houston on Saturday, March 7.  Attached please find the Consignment letter and entry form.

See ya at the shows,

July 2014 Upcoming Shows
  Dear BPG Members,

Beefmaster U was a large success. Thanks to Lauren Lyssy and Alyssa Smith
for taking charge of the show. Another big thank you goes to Nancy Gilmore and
Lindsey Hendricks for handling the concession stand. Thanks also goes to all of
you that came to the show and entered. Without you, it would not have been
possible. Thanks also to all of the other volunteers who banned together to
make sure all of the work got done. This fund raiser helps us pay for all of our
premium money and awards for the year. This includes all of our members. If
you weren't able to help this year, try and make plans to be involved next year. Our fall shows will be here before we know it. Here is a checklist of the
upcoming dates:

West Texas Fair--Abilene

Entry Deadline--August 15
September 6--JBBA Show
September 7--Open Show

Heart O'Texas Fair--Waco

Entry Deadline--September 12
October 10--Open Show
October 11--Junior Show

State Fair of Texas--Dallas

Entry Deadline--September 1
October 16--Open Show
October 17--Junior Show

State Fair of Louisiana--Shreveport

Entry Deadline--September 7
October 26--Open Show

BBU Convention--Memphis, TN - Flyer

Entry Deadline--September 19 - Entry form
November 1--Open Show--5:30 p.m.
November 1--JBBA Show--8:00 a.m.

I will make up a flyer on the BBU Convention Show in Memphis, TN as soon as I
have all of the information.

It is time to start planning for the International Beefmaster Gala Sale in Houston.
Pick out your consignments now. Don't wait until the last minute. We had a
really great average last year with low commission. This is your chance to
showcase your program. Choose only the best and make sure they are sale
ready. Since this group is made up of show people, you know how to present
your cattle at their best. We definitely have that advantage over other groups.
Please let Bruce Robbins or myself know how many animals you would like to
consign to the sale by September 15. This will give us an idea of what we have
to work with. We can only have 35 consignments and it will be first come, first
served so don't delay.

The fall show season will be such an exciting time for the group. All of our
shows last year were up in numbers. Talk to your friends and get them involved.
The more entries we have, the more FUN we will have!

If you have any questions, ideas or concerns, please let me know.

See ya at the shows,
January 2014 BPG Awards Banquet
Congratulations to the winners that were crowned for the 2013 Show Year:
Show Heifer of the Year
1st--WR Foxie, Shawn Levi Skaggs
2nd--EMS Smooth Sensation, Raegan Emmons
3rd--WR Baby Lisa, Shawn Levi skaggs
4th--WR Flashy at Heart, Ashley Smithey
5th--EMS Bonfire's Barbie, Raegan Emmons
Show Bull of the Year
1st--EMS Ring of Fire, Reese Michael Jude Tassin Jr.
2nd--EMS Fire House, Steve and Cindy Emmons
3rd--Illusions Impression, Rafter G Bar
4th--WR Joseph, Shawn Levi Skaggs
5th--Rockin L Buckshot, Leonard Sr or Darlene Graham
Produce of Dam
1st--WR Roxie, Shawn Levi Skaggs
2nd--EMS Stylish Jezzy, Steve and Cindy Emmons
3rd--Queen, Shawn Levi Skaggs
Get of Sire
1st--Bonfire, Steve and Cindy Emmons
2nd--CF Illusion, Rafter G Bar
3rd--EMS Smooth Cavalier, Steve and Cindy Emmons
Show Dam of the Year
1st--WR Roxie, Shawn Levi Skaggs
2nd--EMS Buff's Dreamlady, Steve and Cindy Emmons
3rd--Magic Glaser, Darrell Glaser
Show Sire of the Year
1st--Bonfire, Steve and Cindy Emmons
2nd--EMS Smooth Cavalier, Steve and Cindy Emmons
3rd--CF Illusion, Rafter G Bar
Breeder of the Year
Steve and Cindy Emmons

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