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December 2015 Newsletter

Dear BPG Members,

Our 2015 show season ended with a bang at the State Fair of Louisiana. All of our fall shows had great attendance and made an awesome statement for Beefmaster cattle. Now, we look ahead to our next lineup of shows.

Entry Deadlines:

Fort Worth Livestock Show--November 15
San Antonio Livestock Show--December 15
Houston Livestock Show--January 5

Be sure and get your entries in. We want to show up in force and let these livestock shows know what great Beefmaster cattle are! Please remember that in San Antonio, we will come in on Thursday, not Friday, so hopefully we can avoid some of the stresses we had last year.

Our year end banquet will be held on Monday, January 18, 2016 in Fort Worth. This will be the night before we show on Tuesday, January 19. More details later on this. Just mark your calendars and be ready to have a good time.

Another "thank you" goes out to our buckle sponsors at the West Texas Fair:

The Reese Tassin Family
Rafter G Bar--Mike, Rachel and Emily Griffith
The Mike Wrobleski Family

We will need 4 buckle sponsors for our Fort Worth Show. The cost of the buckles is $110. Please let me know if you would like to support BPG and sponsor a buckle.

Don't forget about your consignments to the International Beefmaster Gala Sale in Houston on Saturday, March 5. Our sale will be in the Main Arena where it will attract many more prospects. Please get those consignments sent in to Bruce Robbins. Encourage consignments from other members. Word of mouth means a lot, so spread the word. This is your sale--your chance to showcase your products. Over 1 million people attend the Houston Livestock Show. Elgin Breeding Service will be hosting a party prior to the sale encouraging a festive atmosphere for our International guests. Our commission is low and our average has been high. We look forward to helping you achieve your marketing goals with your show cattle. Please contact with myself or Bruce Robbins with any questions.

See ya at the shows,

April 2015 Beefmaster U
  Make plans to join us on June 20, 2015 in Groesbeck, TX for the 4th Annual Beefmaster Promotion Group's Beefmaster U!

Please see the attached flyer and entry form.

For your convenience, we have a room block at the Quality Inn (254-729-0077) under "Beefmaster Promotion Group." The room block is limited and reservations for Friday the 19th of June must be made by May 19th. If the block is full, there may still be rooms available at the Quality Inn, but you may also try the Days Inn (254-729-3335).

We look forward to seeing everyone there. If you have questions, please feel free to contact Alyssa Smith at 325-200-9945 or Lauren Lyssy at 210-414-2119.
February 2015 Embryos for sale at Houston


This is the first time in Beefmaster history that an embryo tank of this caliber embryos has been put together to sell at auction.  There are 41 embryos in this tank that can set your ranch apart from the rest.  Never have breeders dug so deep into their programs to offer these amazing genetics.  There are embryos in here from 3 "Breeders of the Year".  Hiding in this tank are donor quality females, herd sire prospects, show ring winning females, and the list goes on.  This opportunity may never happen again; it will not be a yearly occurrence, so don't put it off.  Buy it now and be at the top of the game.

All of the embryos are in a brand new XC 20/20 nitrogen tank ready for the buyer to take with him from the sale.  The paper work is on hand and goes with the tank.  All of the leg work has been done for the buyer.

This great opportunity will be sold at the Beefmaster Promotion Group International Beefmaster Gala sale at the Houston Livestock Show on Saturday, March 7 at 5:00 pm.  If you can't be at the sale, you can be on the phone or call Bruce Robbins and place your bid.  This lot is a fundraiser for the Beefmaster Promotion Group, who continually haul and promote Beefmaster cattle all over the country.  Thanks for your support.

Embryo Booklet (PDF)

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