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December 2016 Newsletter
  Dear BPG Members,

It's hard to believe that 2016 is almost over.  It seems to me like it had "Only just begun"!

BPG has completed another great year with our number of entries high.  The cattle that we walk in the ring with are something we should all be proud of.  We continue to make a great impression on visitors that don't know what Beefmasters are!  You should be very proud of that.

Our Year End Banquet will be held at Los Vaqueros Restaurant, 2629 North Main Street, Fort Worth, Texas 76164 on Monday, January 16 at 6:30.  This is the same restaurant we have been using.  Please let me know how many of you will be coming so I have a head count for the restaurant.  This is our only "Social Event" so try and come and visit with everyone.  Share any ideas you might have at our short business meeting.

The deadline for our International Beefmaster Gala Sale in Houston has passed but we can still take a few more sale entries.  Think about some of your older cattle you might need to sell.  We want to put "GREAT" photos of the consignments in the catalog and on our website.   Remember the saying, "A picture is worth 1000 words".  If you don't have a photographer, contact Alyssa Lyssy or Jacqualyn Cawley if you need help on photos.

Remember, Houston Livestock Show entries are due January 5!

It's time to pay dues for 2017.  There is a form on our website for you to fill out and mail to Linda Hicks.  Make sure we have your correct email address.  That is our means of communication.

Our General Business Meeting will be held during Houston.  I have asked for Saturday morning but have not received an answer yet.

A semen tank has been put together for our BPG Fund Raiser with  5 straws of semen from ALL of the past Houston Livestock Show Grand Champion and Reserve Champion Bulls.  This semen tank will be auctioned off during our sale.  WOW!  What an opportunity for someone.  Never have you had bulls of this caliber put together in a semen tank and auctioned off with approximately 90 straws of semen.  This tank  could put someone in the cattle business!  Put a group together and split it.   A big "thank you" goes out to Casey and Amy Ballard for all their hard work putting this all together.

May your home be warmed
by the LOVE of the SAVIOUR...
your hearts wrapped in His PEACE...
and your new year filled
with HIS overflowing JOY.

See ya on the end of a lead rope!
November 2016 Newsletter
  Dear BPG Members,

The fall show season is almost complete.  Saturday, at the State Fair of Louisiana, will end our year.  Thanks so much for all of your participation and help during the past year.  

Looking forward to a great new year beginning in Fort Worth in January.  Mark your calendar for our Year End Banquet in Fort Worth on Monday, January 16.  Will send more details at a later date.  I have listed dates for our next shows for your convenience.

Entry Deadline:  November 15, 2016
Arrive:  Friday, January 13--8:00 am --Saturday, January 14 noon
Show:  Tuesday, January 17--10:00 am
Release:  Tuesday, January 17--5:00 pm

Entry Deadline:  December 15, 2016
Arrive:  Thursday, February 9--8:00 am -- 2:00 pm
Show:  Saturday, February 11--8:00 am and Release

Entry Deadline: January 5, 2017
Arrive:  Thursday, March 9 7:00 am--3:00 pm
Show:  Friday, March 10--1:00 pm
Sale:  Saturday, March 11--3:30 pm
Release:  Sunday, March 12

The INTERNATIONAL BEEFMASTER GALA SALE is looking good.  Please get your consignments sent in to Bruce Robbins.  I have had lots of commitments for the sale.  The number of consignments is limited so be sure and get yours in by December 15.  The consignment form can be found here.   We want to publish color photos of all the consignments.  Alyssa Smith, soon to be Lyssy, has volunteered to take photos for anyone in the South Texas area and Jacqualyn Cawley has volunteered for photos in the North Texas area.  If you don't have a GREAT photo of your animal or don't have access to a good photographer, call one of these ladies.  Remember, 'A PICTURE IS WORTH A THOUSAND WORDS'!!

See ya on the end of a lead rope!

September 2016 Newsletter
  Dear BPG Members,

Hope you are enjoying this cooler weather!  Definitely a blessing.

We had a great meeting in Abilene, during the West Texas Fair.  Numbers were up in Abilene and we expect a great remainder of the year.  

Reminding everyone about your consignments for the International Beefmaster Gala Sale during the Houston Livestock Show.  Please get those consignments in to Bruce Robbins.  I sent out consignment letters and forms in the last email.  They are also posted on our website.  The sale time and location have been changed.  The sale will be in the East Arena Sale Ring, which is where it was held 2 years ago, and the starting time is 3:30 pm.  The date is still Saturday, March 11.

It is imperative that we get an early start on this so the proper advertising, PR, photos, etc, can be done on the sale.  We are expecting bigger and better!!!

Houston Livestock show move in will be Thursday, March 9, Show time is Friday, March 10 at 1:00 p.m.

Save the Date:   Go ahead and mark your calendars for our banquet during FTW--Monday, January 16.

See ya in Waco,
September 2016 Reminders
  Dear BPG Members,

Entry Deadline Reminder:

State Fair of Louisiana at Shreveport--September 7
HOT Fair at Waco--September 16

THANKS to our BUCKLE DONORS at the West Texas Fair:

                  RAFTER G BAR--The Griffith Family
                  4 PR--The Pritchett Family
                  LARRY & SHERRI ELLIS

Also, THANKS to:

                  LYSSY BEEFMASTERS

for sponsoring the 4 buckles at the San Antonio Livestock Show.  They will be donating these every year.

These donations help our group immensely!!!  More awards for our members!

HEALTH PAPERS--Reminder that all bulls 20 months old and older must have a BSE performed.  I have attached a form to this email if you need a copy of one.  Some vets do not have these forms.  You only have to have this done one time in the bulls show career, but please keep the form with you just in case any questions ever arise.  Make sure you get with me before the show so I can check these papers.

HEIFERS exhibited at 24 months of age or older must be accompanied by a certificate of pregnancy or be nursing their natural calf at side (under 6 months of age).  Females with calves over 6 months of age must be palpated safe in calf by a licensed veterinarian.  Make sure this is checked.

MEETING REMINDER--Sunday morning 9:00 am, Sept 1, in Abilene.  Will announce which meeting room we will be in.

GET YOUR SALE ANIMALS IDENTIFIED!!!!!  Talk to JBBA members about selling their old show heifers.

See ya in Abilene!!
August 2016 Newsletter
  Dear BPG,

Hope everyone is getting some rain--but not TOO much! We have certainly enjoyed the cooler temps!

Our Pevine Hicks Memorial Showmanship Buckle and trophy was won this year by Kalli Ellis. A big THANK YOU goes out to:

    Craig and Andrea Reed--C & A Beefmasters

for sponsoring this beautiful buckle!

The West Texas Fair is fast approaching. Hope you got your entries in on time. If not, late entries are still available. BPG adds premium money at Abilene and also pays for 4 belt buckles. Thanks to:

    Rafter G Bar--The Griffith Family

for sponsoring one of the buckles. We still need 3 more sponsors.

We will be having a BPG meeting in Abilene on Sunday, Sept 11 at 9:00 am. Please make plans to attend. We will be talking about the Houston Sale and the survey results and other important issues.
Please be thinking about what you will consign to the Houston Sale. It will be here before we know it.

Check your calendar for upcoming dates:

    Dallas entries due September 1
    State Fair LA entries due September 7
    HOT entries due September 16

If you have not paid your dues for 2016, you will need to pay them before you are allowed to show. Please fill out the form and mail to Linda Hicks.

See ya in Abilene,
Beefmaster U 2016 is in the record books!  It was another great success as our major fund raiser for the year.  A big THANK YOU goes out to Lauren Lyssy, Alyssa Smith, Jacqualyn Cawley and Emily Griffith, plus all the others that helped to make this show possible.  Without members like you, BPG would not be growing by leaps and bounds and awarding more and more prizes and premium money.  Also, thanks to all of you that came and participated in the show.   Working together, we CAN make this association thrive.

The beautiful buckle for the Pevine Hicks Memorial Showmanship Award for JBBA Nationals is in the works.  We do need a sponsor for that buckle if anyone would like to donate it.  In 2015, Leonard and Darlene Graham were the donors and in 2014 and 2013, John Price was the donor.  We also will be presenting our traveling trophy to the winner of the showmanship work off.  For you new members that might not know, Pevine Hicks was the Co-Founder of the BPG and we want to honor his memory.

Winners of the Showmanship Award:
2013--Garrett Mink
2014--Devon Wilson
2015--Jarrett Mackie
2016--Kalli Ellis

Your officers and board are constantly striving for better ways to serve, you, the members.    We have put together a survey for your opinion on the International Beefmaster Gala Sale at the Houston Livestock Show.  It is attached to this Newsletter.  PLEASE, take time to fill it out and return to me.  Do it anonymously and spill your guts--it won't hurt any feelings.  We MUST find out how this sale can better serve its members.  We MUST have more participation from our group so buyers can have confidence that our sale will have the highest quality cattle of any sale during the Houston Livestock Show.  We MUST not let this sale die.   Tell us your needs!

The schdule for our fall shows is on the website.  Mark your calendars and get ready for a busy fall show season!  

A BPG meeting will be held at the West Texas Fair in Abilene.  Will send another email closer to time with details.  We will also need 4 buckle sponsors for the West Texas Fair.  Let me know if you can donate.

Stay cool and see ya on the end of a lead rope,

March 2016 Membership Meeting Update
  Dear BPG Members,

We have had a change in location for our General Membership Meeting. The Mexican Restaurant that I had booked for the meeting has closed. Therefore, the meeting has been rescheduled for the Holiday Inn, 8111 Kirby Dr. Time of the meeting will be 10:00 am and the room name is the Oak Room.

Please make your plans to be at the meeting on Saturday morning, March 5 at 10:00 am.

The International Beefmaster Gala Sale, on Saturday, has 31 lots including 6 semen lots. The Pre-Sale Party will begin at 5:00 pm in the Main Arena with the sale kicking off at 6:30. A big 'THANK YOU goes out to Elgin Breeding Service for hosting our party. Check out the catalog on our website and pick out a new addition for your herd.

See ya in Houston,
February 2016 Newsletter
  Dear BPG Members,

We had a great show in Fort Worth with 176 entries.  This is up from the previous year.

Our year end banquet also had a great attendance.  Congratulations to all the winners.  A complete list is on our website.
A big THANK YOU goes out to our belt buckle sponsors in Fort Worth:
     Grand Champion Female Buckle--given in loving Memory of Pevine Hicks, given by Linda Hicks
     Grand Champion Bull Buckle--Channarock Farm, Rockfield, KY 

Our General Membership meeting will he held in Houston during the Houston Livestock Show.  It will be held at Marcos Mexican Restaurant, 8216 Kirby, at 11:00 am on Saturday, March 5.  This restaurant is located directly across from the Holiday Inn on the corner of Old Spanish Trail and Kirby Dr.  There will be a fajita buffet lunch for $14.99 including drink.  Please make plans to attend this meeting to voice your ideas and opinions and be involved with this great organization.  We need all of you!

The International Beefmaster Gala Sale will be held on Saturday, March 5 at 6:30 pm.  We have a great set of cattle and semen selling in the sale.  A new addition to the sale will be the option for the Grand Champion Female and the Grand Champion Bull of the Houston Livestock Show to be able to either sell the champion or to offer something out of the champions for sale--embryos, flush, semen, part interest, etc.  This will be an exciting time!  Please come out an support your fellow members at the sale.  WE NEED YOU to attend and participate if any way possible.  There are some great animals being offered for sale--there should be something for everyone's taste.  A pre-sale party with food and drinks should add to the festivities. 

 We will also have International guests coming to tour all of our Beefmaster cattle at the show.  This is an opportunity for you to showcase your ranch and your great Beefmaster cattle.

Thanks to all of our volunteers that are always willing to help get the tasks done.  Without you, our group would not be continuing to grow.

See ya soon,


P.S.  Don't forget to get your 2016 dues paid!
January 2016 Year End Banquet
  Dear BPG Members,

Hope everyone is ready for a great show in Fort Worth to start off the New Year.  Our Year End banquet will be held once again at Los Vaqueros Restaurant on Monday, January 18th at 6:30pm.  The address is 2629 N. Main St, Fort Worth, TX 76106.  This is our only social event so I hope you can come and enjoy some great fun and fellowship.  Please RSVP either by email, text or tell me at FTW.

Your 2016 dues are due at this time.  They are $35 for adults and $25 for juniors.  The membership form is on our website and mail to Linda Hicks or you can pay Darlene or Leonard Graham at the show in Fort Worth.

Don't forget your health papers.  If your female is over 24 months old, she must either be palpated safe in calf and so state on health papers, or she must have her natural calf on the ground.  All bulls 20 months of age and older must have passed a fertility exam by a licensed veterinarian and so stated on health papers.

Last call for animals in the Haltered Sale in Houston.  Do you have an old show heifer that you need to sell?  This is the perfect place.  We need your participation to help make this sale a success.  Please let Bruce Robbins or myself know ASAP.

See ya soon!
January 2016 Reminder - Houston Livestock Show
  Dear BPG Members,

Don't forget the Houston Livestock Show entry deadline is Jan 5.

Also, we need more consignments for the BPG International Beefmaster Gala Sale in Houston.  Please get those consignments in to Bruce Robbins.

Hope everyone has a HAPPY NEW YEAR!!

See ya soon,

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