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December 2018 Newsletter
Dear BPG Members,

Just a final reminder on consignments for the BPG International Beefmaster Gala Sale at the Houston Livestock Show.  We need everyone to get their consignments in.  The sale will be on Saturday morning at 10:30, March 2.  If anyone needs an animal halter broke, please let me know.  Entries are due for the Houston Livestock Show on January 5 so be sure and write that on your calendar!

Our annual banquet will be held during the Fort Worth Livestock Show on Monday, January 21 at Los Vaqueros Restaurant, 2629 N. Main Street, located in the historic stockyards at 6:30 pm.  Hope everyone plans to attend.  Our 2018 year end awards will be given out.  We can visit, relax and enjoy each others company.  You will need to RSVP to me for a head count.

It is dues time once again.  I have attached a membership form to this email.  Everyone will have to sign a form and either mail to Linda Hicks or bring to FTW and turn in.  We must have a signed form from everyone to keep on file.

                Wishing you the comfort of His love,
                    the joy of His salvation,
                    and the peace of His presence.

October 2018 Newsletter
  Dear BPG Members,

The Beefmaster Promotion Group hosted a booth at the 2018 BBU Convention in Franklin, TN this past weekend. Thanks so much to Gina & Emily Paris and Morgan Mink for their help in setting up and working the booth and to Lauren & Alyssa Lyssy for letting us borrow some of their "stuff". Hopefully, people found out who BPG is anyway!

Entry Deadline: November 15, 2018
Show Date: Sunday, January 20--2:00 pm
Banquet Date: Monday, January 21
Release Date: Tuesday, January 22--5 pm

Entry Deadline: December 15, 2018
Arrival Time: Friday, February 8
Show Date: Sunday, February 10 8:00 am
Release after show

Entry Deadline: January 5, 2019
Arrival Time: Thursday, February 28
Show Time: Friday, March 1--1:00 pm
Release Time: Sunday, March 3

Consignment Deadline: December 31, 2018
Must enter an animal in the show--Entry Deadline January 5, 2019 (just so you get a tie spot inside the barn) Does not have to walk in show ring.
Arrival Time in Houston--Thursday, February 28
SALE TIME: Saturday, March 2 10:30 am

PLEASE everyone look at your herd and try and participate in the sale. Pick out a good one and let's make this sale OVER THE TOP! We need to make a mark with our great cattle and we NEED YOU to do this.

See ya on the end of a lead rope,

October 2018 Newsletter
Dear BPG Members,

It's hard to believe it is almost November and THANKSGIVING is right around the corner.  We have one more show, the Louisiana State Fair, and that will finish up our year.

The International Beefmaster Gala Sale will also be here before we know it.  Get those consignments ready to send in.  For 2019, the sale will be held on Saturday, March 2 at 10:30 am.  We need quality animals to set the stage for a great sale.  Take this opportunity to showcase your program.  Open or bred heifers, pairs, 3N1's, flushes and a few good bulls will make for good sale lots.  Old show heifers work really well for the pairs or 3n1's.  Help the sale make an impact by consigning only the good ones.  Get those consignments in to Bruce Robbins soon.  There is a consignment form on the BPG website.

If you have any questions about the sale, please let me know.  We look forward to hearing from you soon!
October 2018 New Rules Posted
  Effective Oct 9, 2018:


See Rules page.
August 2018 Reminder

AUGUST 15--that's tomorrow!!

Get those entries sent in!

We will have a BPG meeting on Sunday, September 9 at 9:00 am.  The meeting will be in the new barn in a conference room.  This will be a new location for all of us so just ask where the new conference room is.

See ya in Abilene,
July 2018 Vote
Dear BPG Members,

As I'm sure most of you have heard by now that BBU has appointed a Task Force to meet this Saturday, July 28 to discuss the Color Mandate.  All Satellites and Marketing Groups have been asked to poll their membership to find out what the membership wants.  This email is for data only.  I will forward to Task Force how our membership voted.

Please put your name and BBU# on your reply so your vote is verified that you are a BBU member.  For either For mandate or Against mandate.  Also, label if you are a JR member.

Thanks so much for voicing your opinions.
July 2018 Thank You to Our Sponsors

                                              BEEFMASTER U











Because of these sponsors, BEEFMASTER U was a financial success.  We added several new members, putting our membership to an all time high!

Thanks for all you do!!  Abilene will be here before we know it!

See ya on the end of a lead rope,

July 2018 Newsletter
Dear BPG Members,

A big THANK YOU goes out to everyone that attended the 7th Annual Beefmaster U show on June 23 in Groesbeck.  I believe it was probably the largest Beefmaster U on record!

The volunteers who worked tirelessly on this show need a big "THUMBS UP" and pat on the back for their hard work and smiling faces!

     Emily Griffith--Head Organizer and Chief Bottle Washer!!
     Nancy Gilmore--Morning Announcer
     Debbie Cheatham--Afternoon Announcer--Donated the T-shirts/bags/backdrop banner
     Rachel Griffith--check in
     Alex Knoll--T shirt/bag printing, line-up, backdrop set up
     John Price--Line Up
     Terry Smith--Line Up
     Jerry Pace--Ring Help
     Chris Fannin--Ring Help
     Hannah Pace--Award distributor
     Madi Fannin--Award distributor
     Alyssa Lyssy--General show help
     Gina Paris--Award set up/distributor
     Emily Paris--Backdrop set up/award distributor
     Kane Ozment--Ring Help
     Coby Pritchett--Ring Help

If I have omitted anyone, please forgive me--unintentional.  We love each and everyone of you!!

This show is very important to the financial success of our organization.  More awards and premium money are made possible with this show.

Fall Show Schedule:

West Texas Fair--September 9--2:00
     Entry Deadline--August 15
HOT Fair--October 6--6:00 pm
     Entry Deadline--September 15
State Fair of Texas--October 12
     Entry Deadline--September 1
State Fair of Louisiana--November 3--1:00 pm
     Entry Deadline--September 7

Stay CALM and Stay FOCUSED!

See ya on the end of a lead rope,
May 2018 Entry Deadline

MAY 31, 2018

Get your entries in soon!

See ya there,

May 2018 Sponsors Needed
Dear BPG Members,


Please get those sponsorships in to Emily Griffith. Anyone that you can think of that might would sponsor something, please ask. This is our major fundraiser for BPG. This needs to be a success so we can continue with more and better awards for our shows.

ENTRY DEADLINE: MAY 31, postmarked


See ya in Groesbeck, June 23!
April 2018 Newsletter
  Hi BPG Members,

Hope everyone is doing well and have recovered from the hectic show season! It has been wild at my house, with a bull sale in March and a Production Sale coming up in May. But spring is here and beautiful!!

Our next major event is a very important one for BPG. This is our major fund raiser for the year, Beefmaster U. Date is June 23 in Groesbeck, TX. I have attached the show flyer, entry form and most important, a Sponsors Form.

A big "Thank You" goes out to Emily for putting this show together. There is a ton of work involved in this, in case you have never attempted to host a show!! We will need volunteers for lots of jobs, both before the show and during the show. Please encourage everyone to participate in this show, we need the MOOLA to keep giving out our awesome awards and premiums!!

See ya at the end of a lead rope,

February 2018 Newsletter
Dear BPG Members,

We had really good numbers of entries at both the Fort Worth Livestock Show and the San Antonio Livestock Show. The Beefmaster breed was well represented. It's hard to believe Houston is next week!

Once again your association will have a booth in the International Room at Houston. We will be promoting both your sale animals and your ranch. International visitors will be prompted to go visit your stalls and view the impressive animals that you have on display at the Houston Livestock Show. Be sure and make them welcome. Sale catalogs and Membership Directories will be handed out. Thanks to Mike Rodriguez for handling this display for us.

The International Beefmaster Gala Sale catalog is posted online on the BBU website and on the BPG website, along with the photos that you sent in on your sale animals. I know each of you are experts in social media so please use those venues to promote your sale animals, as well as the other consignments. The more people at the sale, the better chance we have at making it a great success. Promote, promote, promote!!! Elgin Breeding Service is hosting the food that will be available before the sale. Be sure and tell them thanks!

Our Annual General Membership meeting will be held Saturday, March 3 at 9:30 in the Holiday Inn, 8111 Kirby Dr, in the Oak Room. This is the hotel beside the parking lot that you can walk to or catch a shuttle to. Once again, HLSR had no rooms for us to use. Please try and attend. Elections will also be held. We need new ideas and more volunteers to help with all of our activities.

Hopefully everyone has noticed the extra awards we have been giving out at all the shows. A big THANK YOU, goes out to LYSSY BEEFMASTERS for sponsoring the 4 belt buckles that were given out at the San Antonio Livestock Show. Thanks Lauren and Alyssa!

In order to keep this up and to add even more awards, we must keep our dues coming in and make our Fund Raiser Show, Beefmaster U, as big as it can be. Beefmaster U will be held on June 22 & 23 in Groesbeck, TX. We need all the volunteers we can get to help with this show. The more sponsors we can get, the more awards we can give out the following year. Please be thinking how you can help and be ready to volunteer at our meeting March 3.

The Hall of Fame bronze awards were presented at the banquet in Fort Worth. Any new Hall of Fame winners will be announced at the Houston Livestock Show. This award is for the lifetime point earnings of an animal. It is a very prestigious award.

Reminder, be sure and nominate your sire and dam to be eligible for Show Sire and Show Dam of the Year. Forms are on the website. Houston is the deadline. Also, make sure your dues are paid. If not, go see Gina Paris in Houston.

See ya in Houston,

January 2018 Newsletter

Dear BPG Members,

It's hard to believe that 2017 is over. It seems to me like it "Only just begun"!

BPG has completed another great year with our number of entries high. The cattle that we walk in the ring with are something we should all be proud of. We continue to make a great impression on visitors that don't know what Beefmasters are! You should be very proud of that.

Our Year End Awards Banquet will be held at Los Vaqueros Restaurant, 2629 North Main Street, Fort Worth, Texas 76164 on Monday, January 15, at 6:30. This is the same restaurant we have been using. Please let me know how many of you will be coming so I have a head count for the restaurant. This is our only "Social Event" so try and come and visit with everyone. Share any ideas you might have at our short business meeting. Since we don't show the next morning, we can "PARTY!!" all night!!

The deadline for our International Beefmaster Gala Sale in Houston has passed but we can still take a few more sale entries. Think about some of your older cattle you might need to sell. We want to put "GREAT" photos of the consignments in the catalog and on our website. Remember the saying, "A picture is worth 1000 words". Please send the photos to me so I can get them on the website. Talk the sale up and invite everyone to come and be a part.

Remember, Houston Livestock Show entries and Sale consignment entries are due January 5!

It's time to pay dues for 2018. There is a form on our website and I have also attached one for you to fill out and mail to Linda Hicks. Make sure we have your correct email address. That is our means of communication. Just a reminder, make sure you get your back numbers stamped by Gina Paris to show you have paid your dues.

It's also time to nominate your Show Dam of the Year and Show Sire of the Year. The forms are on the website. Please fill out and mail to Linda Hicks with $100 fee.

Our Annual General Business Meeting will be held during the Houston Livestock Show on Saturday morning, March 3. Time and location are TBA.

HALL OF FAME: If you won a HALL OF FAME award at Houston last year, please be sure and come to the Awards Banquet and receive your trophy. It has been a grueling process, but they will be handed out on Monday, January 15 during banquet. I have attached the list to refresh your memory!

See ya on the end of a lead rope,


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