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             "COWTOWN SHOWDOWN"
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BPG will be hosting the "COWTOWN SHOWDOWN" in Fort Worth, TX on November 13-14-15.  Events will include a JBBA HEIFER SHOW, BRED & OWNED SHOW, SHOWMANSHIP, ADVANCER SHOW, OPEN FEMALE SHOW AND BULL SHOW.  If you've got a Beefmaster, we've got a show for you!!!

We have invited the Brangus to go in together with us to help pay building rent.  They will be hosting their National Show of Merit.  

Since so many of our shows have been cancelled, BPG decided to step up to the plate and provide a great and exciting new event.  The event will take place at Will Rogers Memorial Center.  We will be showing in Watt Arena, so Juniors just think what this means for ya'll--get those new, young heifers out and show them in the same arena they will be showing in for the FTW Livestock Show.  This is an amazing opportunity!

A flyer and more info will follow shortly but I wanted to get the word out so you can be sure and save the date.  Move in will be Nov 13 and show dates will be Saturday and Sunday.

We do need more SPONSORS!!  To make this show the best of the best, that takes money!  So please volunteer with donations.   We have 4 levels of sponsorship, 

     GOLD--$500 OR $450
     SILVER--$250 (Logo on T shirt or Neck gator)

Lone Star BBA has already jumped in with a $1000 Diamond Sponsorship.  This group is really pushing forward and working on making the best breed even better!  They already sponsor a JBBA Show and give out scholarships to deserving Seniors.  Be sure and check this group out!  Lone Star has also coordinated with Emmons Ranch to host a Scan Day on October 24 here at Emmons Ranch.  If you have an animal that you need scanned, call Debbie Cheatham, 972-979-8556, and schedule an appointment to get your animals scanned on Oct. 24.

BPG had our Fall meeting in Abilene, which by the way, the West Texas Fair hosted an amazing show in their new facilities.  We had 175 Open Beefmaster entries which was the largest open show on record at the West Texas Fair.   Congratulations to Abilene for conducting your fair as "business as usual".  You hosted a wonderful event!  Back to our meeting, if you have an animal that has a chance to make our Hall of Fame, please get me the name of the animal because the points will be adjusted since 3 of our shows have been cancelled.  We are making up for one of the shows by hosting our Cowtown Showdown.  The new points will affect all the way back to 2018 and will continue through to 2022.

On another note, I'm sure ya'll have read that the BBU convention has been cancelled for this year.  However, they must still have the General Membership Meeting.  It will be held via Zoom on October 29 at 2:00.  Proxies will be mailed out to all BBU members.  It is imperative that you vote your proxy and mail it in.  An addressed envelope should come with your proxy to mail it back in with.  We must stay active and keep our voices heard in these elections.

See ya on the end of a lead rope,