Beefmaster Promotion Group


Hi BPG Members,

Hope everyone is doing well in the summer heat and hopefully gotten some rain.  

Beefmaster U was a huge success!  Thanks to EVERYONE that helped with this great event.  We had the largest number of entries to date and it was exciting to get back on the road for a weekend!!  A special thank you to Emily and Alex for heading up this great event.

JBBA Nationals came to an end on July 24 and it was an exciting week.  BPG was able to make an impact in their show by making a donation and by also giving awards in the Showmanship event.  Linda Hicks, in memory of Pevine Hicks, gave the champion exhibitor in each Showmanship division $100.  The winners were:
       Junior Champion--Mackenzie Low
       Intermediate Champion--Kayl Tassin
       Senior Champion--Braylee Mackie
The overall winner that received the traveling trophy and Belt Buckle, donated by BPG, was Braylee Mackie.  All 3 of these showman did an outstanding job!

The West Texas Fair is still scheduled as normal.  Be sure and submit your entries by August 15.  Our show is supposed to start earlier this year so that will certainly be helpful to those needing to get back home Sunday evening.  BPG is sponsoring the Belt Buckles and giving premium money to the show, as well as Division Awards.  Let's make this a large show since it will be a bit before we get to go again!!

As most of you know, the Heart O'Texas Open Beefmaster show has been cancelled, as well as the State Fair of Texas Open Beefmaster Show.  At the writing of this letter, I still don't know any details about the State Fair of Louisiana so will let you know as soon as I know something.

Dropping two shows definitely affects our Hall of Fame winners.  Have been studying this for quite a while on how to handle it.  The maximum points available for a show is 60 points, therefore losing 2 shows will equal a possibility of losing 120 points.  After visiting with Mona, the easiest way for her to track this is, if you think you have a female or bull that might possibly make the Hall of Fame, send me their names.  The females' DOB needs to be from January 1, 2018 through Shreveport 2020. (if we have Shreveport)  The bulls' DOB needs to be from September 1, 2017 through Shreveport 2020.  Losing these shows will affect the Hall of Fame through 2022.  I know this is kind of confusing, so if you have any questions, just let me know.  Maybe I can talk about it better than I can explain it on paper!!

We will be having a BPG meeting in Abilene on Saturday afternoon, September 12.  As soon as I get a definite time from Abilene, I will send out an email.

See ya on the end of a lead rope!